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Shopping smart!

Whether you are switching insurance carriers or shopping for the first time; looking for auto insurance can be an overwhelming task. Being prepared before beginning your search for a free car insurance quote can save you time and money. Before getting a quote, research your discount options. Many auto insurance companies offer varied discounts on anything from your GPA, if you are a student; to the type of car you drive. Make a list of things you think might get you a cheaper rate.

One sure-fire way to receive a cheap car insurance rate is to choose a car loaded with safety features. A Corvette will cost more to insure than a mini-van. If you drive a car with a manual transmission, it will cost more to insure it than a car with an automatic transmission even if the cars are the same model. On the flip side, the more expensive the car, the more expensive your insurance. So instead of a Lexus SUV, buying a Toyota or Ford SUV will not only save you money on the price of the car, it will save money with your insurance carrier. If you carefully choose your auto cheap insurance can be easy to find.

If you have just gotten your license, there may be a cheap car insurance for new driver policy available. Many carriers will discount your policy if you restrict your driving to certain hours. This type of discount is best for teenage drivers who are prone to reckless driving. On average, women receive cheaper car insurance than men. So if you are looking for car cheap insurance lady may find that you get a cheaper quote than a man of the same age and driving record does.

Belonging to an auto club like, AAA, can get you a discount on your free car insurance quote. Auto clubs provide services like roadside assistance and offer many discounts on auto repair and even car buying services and hotels.

The best way to save money while shopping for a free car insurance quote is to keep your driving record clean. Too many tickets and even minor fender benders can lead to a huge increase in any auto car cheap insurance quote you receive. If you feel you are unable to be a good driver, many driving schools offer driving classes to improve your driving skills and make you a more conscious driver. Avoid distractions when driving like eating or talking on your cell phone. Use a hands free device to conduct phone calls. Doing a little research and being a smart driver can save you money on your car insurance. In looking for a free car insurance quote, industry experts suggest obtaining a minimum of three quotes.

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