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Getting caught speeding on camera, increases rates!

Speeding does not only cause fines and points on your driver’s license, it may also cause the nation's car insurance premiums to skyrocket. If caught on a speed camera, a policyholder may face increases in their car insurance premium rates. If shopping for a cheap car insurance quote, being caught on camera might make it difficult when requesting an online car insurance quote.

In recent years, cities have adopted the photo enforcement technology, known as surveillance cameras, or speed cameras, that take a picture of the vehicle in violation and its license plate.  As with most technological advances, there have been some unanticipated consequences.

When a driver gets a traffic speeding ticket violation, they should realize that it might add points to their driving record. This information might reflect on any cheap car insurance rate in their future requests for an auto cheap insurance policy.

Many cities have traffic enforcement cameras are used to detect and identify drivers disobeying a speed limit or some other legal road requirement. Speed camera devices use radar to detect a car's speed. Once identified, the violation is sent to the owner registered to the vehicle and the information is then forwarded to the insurer. This violation can affect the driver’s record by points and could raise premium rates. A cheap online car insurance quote will likely reflect these points and violations. These speed cameras are an essential tool to both law enforcement and insurance companies.

The majority of motorists believe speed cameras have a detrimental effect on their driving, a survey has revealed. In addition, one in three drivers brake instinctively on seeing a camera regardless of their vehicle's speed. The most effective way to avoid speeding penalties on premium rates is to not speed. However, these speed cameras avoid any confusion whether a driver was in violation of traffic laws.

A potential policyholder who has had a previous ticket issued through a speed camera violation should be aware when requesting an online car insurance quote, that insurance companies may charge a different premium rate if the ticket was issued by a police officer.

The number of drivers caught by speed cameras has risen so much that many insurers are now charging extra to motorists who have been caught once or even twice. Still, 
cheap student car insurance may be raised when caught under the surveillance of a speed camera and affect the policy even more.

So, the next time you are on the road, remember that these cameras are posted at intersections or highways, and are triggered by the traffic lights and sensors. The systems are promoted as a way to increase traffic safety. Insurance experts suggest that for a free online car insurance quote, you seek a minimum of three.

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